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Please note that the website is only available for simulation faculty/facilitators. We cannot maintain the confidentiality of the games and resources if students access the site. This is very important to maintain the integrity of the content, as many resources are used as part of research projects. 

We have designed this site so you can download or cut/paste all the resources. You can then transfer content to your own learning platform. For example, assessment rubrics can be downloaded in either docx or pdf format, VSG game link can be shared using the URL, and other resources such as the learning outcomes, reflective questions, and resources can be copied. You also have the option to provide additional resources or provide comments in the Leave A Reply option on many of the pages.

All content has been developed and shared by CAN-Sim members from across Canada and internationally.

Topics Include:

  1. Physical Assessment (includes mini-games focusing on abnormal neurological, cardiac and respiratory findings) (Developed by University of Ottawa and CAN-Sim Workshop participants)
  2. Disclosure of Medical Device Incident (Developed by Dalhousie University and partner institutions)
  3. Well-baby visit with maternal coping issues (Developed by Dalhousie University and partner institutions)
  4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (male) – military (Developed by Texas A & M)
  5. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (female) and pregnancy (Developed by Texas A & M)
  6. De-escalation of the angry patient (male)  – Bilingual
  7. De-escalation of the angry patient (female)  – Bilingual
  8. Neonatal Coarctation (Developed by Calgary Children’s Hospital)
  9. Leadership – Conflict resolution 
  10. Cardiac resuscitation (V-fib arrest) (Developed by Queen’s University)
  11. Medical Emergency and Breaking Bad News (Developed by WSCHE)
  12. SOGI – Developing Cultural Humility (LGBTQI2S) Virtual Gaming Toolkit – Bilingual 
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    • Knowledge checks
  13. Assessment of the Unresponsive Patient (Developed by Windsor University)
  14. Post-operative Assessment – Opioid Overdose (Developed by University of New Brunswick)
  15. Community Substance Misuse Counseling (Developed by University of New Brunswick)
  16. Substance Misuse and Community Counseling (Developed by University of New Brunswick)
  17. Assessment of the Unresponsive Patient (Developed by University of Windsor)
  18. Health Assessment (Developed by University of Ottawa)
  19. COVID-19 ( (Developed by CASN, CAN-Sim, and CNA)
  20. Safe Diabetic Medication Administration
  21. Nurse To Nurse Shift Report
  22. Assessing and Interpreting Vital Signs
  23. Providing Clinical Feedback
  24. End-of-life Discussion
  25. Adolescent Substance Use
  26. Patient Safety – Newborn Assessment
  27. Medication Administration – Parenteral
  28. Medication Administration – Non-parenteral
  29. COPD Exacerbation
  30. Pediatric Peritonsillar Abscess
  31. Vaccine Hesitancy – HPV
  32. Telehealth – Pediatric Assessment (Mental Health)
  33. Tobacco Cessation
  34. Faculty Guide To Virtual Debriefing
  35. Virtual Debriefing VSG For Faculty

And Many More………


Currently Under Development

  1. Wound Care Series
  2. University First Responder Training Series
  3. Smoking Cessation

How To Access Game Courses

 To access the site resources, follow the steps below:

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2. Select the Scenario tab to see the courses
3. Select the course (Name in red) you want to access  where you will see an overview description
4. Click the Enroll button to gain full access
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Virtual Game Development Workshop

We are also excited by the opportunity to help you develop your own virtual simulation game.  Having already created multiple virtual simulation games, CAN-Sim now has a process streamlined for ease of access and development.  Knowing how valuable time is, we offer a variety of cost-effective workshops tailored to you and your team’s specific needs.  These workshops walk participants through the process of designing, filming, and using the CAN-Sim virtual game template to make the game development process both easy and fun.  Please let us know if we can arrange a time to discuss this further.

Next Workshop:  TBD

Dr. Jane Tyerman
Dr. Marian Luctkar-Flude


Get Involved

Simulations and presimulations have been developed by a wide variety of participants across the country. We hope you will develop your own serious games to add to the repository. Create your own simulation.