COVID-19 Assessment and PPE

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand infectious disease transmission factors and public health measures that are important to consider when selecting appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment in multiple settings to adhere to principles of infection control and prevention.

  2. Don (put on) and doff (take off) PPE correctly as per public health measures in an assessment/testing centre and/or acute care setting to protect self and others.

  3. Appraise factors that can place an individual at risk for COVID-19, upon initial contact and further assessments to determine the need for further screening.

  4. Conduct a focused assessment when an individual exhibits respiratory symptoms to determine next steps in care.

  5. Maintain infection control and safe handling of equipment when assessing an individual to prevent transmission of micro-organisms.

  6. Educate the individual during the healthcare encounter about the plan of care to prevent potential transmission of COVID-19.

  7. Communicate effectively during a COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continuity of care.