COVID-19 Assessment and PPE

Reflective Questions

Reflective Questions

  1.   How would you rate your confidence in donning and doffing PPE?
  2.   Compare the correct use of a surgical mask, procedure mask, N95, face mask      with shield?
  3.   What would be your course of action in response to dwindling PPE supplies?
  4.   How will you maintain this skill of donning and doffing PPE?
  5.   Thinking of equipment use during the COVID 19 crisis, how will you implement      best practice guidelines when taking the vital signs (i.e. thermometer, automatic    BP cuff, stethoscope)?
  6.   Compare the different types of isolation precautions and when is it best to use      them?
  7.   Describe your thoughts of providing care during a pandemic.
  8.   Did you feel adequately prepared for this scenario?
  9.   How do you see this virtual simulation experience impacting your practice?
  10.   As information during a pandemic is evolving, what are important resources to consult regarding practice issues?
  11.   How could a nurse respond to a client who has just been tested for Covid-19, and has questions about how to protect others in his/her community?
  12.   Name the different kinds of PPE masks and what protection they provide.
  13.   What does “N95” mean?
  14.    Any person who is exposed to COVID-19 and develops symptoms consistent with COVID-19 requires assessment and follow-up. Who completes follow up in the following situations?
  15.   What is the role of Public Health in a pandemic?
  16.   Why was COVID-19 determined to be a pandemic?
  17.   Identify the three elements of the epidemiology triangle and define each one. Why is this important to know?
  18.   Why is important to know about the case definition?
  19.   What are the modes of transmission for COVID-19?
  20.   What is the period of communicability of the CVID-19 and why this important to know?
  21.   What are the recommended minimum PPE requirements for a healthcare provider with a person suspected of COVID-19 the following settings and why?
  22.   What is the best evidence on the use of homemade masks and the rationale?

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