COVID-19 Assessment and PPE

Self-Assessment Rubric

Use of this customized learning outcomes rubric, based on self-regulated learning (SRL) theory, allow student self-assessment of the game content and targeted learning outcomes.  Each rubric also describes competency indicators which leveled from the novice to competent learner. Below each learning outcome, users can provide additional comments/reflections/rationale to support scoring. The self-assessments rubric can be used to:

  1. Assess success on preparation for the simulation
  2. Assess performance during the simulation
  3. Guide the post- simulation debriefing in order to identification remedial learning requirements.

Further, the rubric can be used by the simulation facilitator for evaluation purposes or by examining the difference between instructor assessment scores and students’ self-assessments of students understanding of course criteria.

For the COVID-19 Learning Outcome Assessment Rubric (word document) – click here

For the COVID-19 Learning Outcome Assessment Rubric (pdf) –
click here

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