Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Nursing Education

43 students

This course is a key component of an educational toolbox which includes a database of resources available at This program consists of four Virtual Simulation Games (VSG), of varying lengths, in a variety of settings (i.e. emergency department to community care), and across a range of professional expertise (senior nursing students to nurse practitioners). The toolbox also includes curated educational and research-based resources. CAN-Sim is the host of this program however, we are not LGBTQI2S content experts, we have relied heavily on representation from LGBTQI2S researchers and community to define the priorities to be addressed in each VSG and in the final toolbox.  Each VSG has embedded self-assessments, learning outcomes, and curated resources.

This course is available to anyone – there is no need to enroll, simply click on curriculum to get started. To save your progress, you will need to create an account and enroll in the course.


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