Sexual Orientation Gender Identity Nursing Education

Game Links

To access online game, please click the link below:

English Game Link

French Game Link  

  1. The game works best using Google Chrome or Firefox.  The game does not have full functionality when using your cell phone.
  2. You will be shown a video of an interaction between a nurse and a patient, their family and/or other medical staff.
  3. Following each video, you will be asked to select the most appropriate response.
  4. Please note that sound is required to fully understand the interactions within the video.
  5. It is preferred you use Google Chrome or Firefox to maintain optimal audio/visual output.
  6. The game will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  7. You may complete the virtual preparation scenario as many times as you like.


2 thoughts on “Game Links”

  1. PJ Zoschke says:

    Sarah’s Story would not upload for me? Wolfgang + Cody’s stories + all content was quickly uploaded. Not sure what is happening with Sarah’s Story?

    1. Jane Tyerman says:


      Sarah’s Story uploads with no issues on our end. Please use Chrome or Firefox to access the game. Perhaps it also has to do with your internet. Let me know if you have continued issues.


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